Long post with weird questions

Hiya! i’m gonna be doing a whole complex setup for my mine os server, so i have a whole ton of questions and hopefully i can get the help needed

  1. is there a comprehensive guide for creating a modded forge mine OS server with a custom list of mods?

  2. i will be running my server through Freenas, are there any tips on this subject?
    2.5: My router is not currently capable of port forwarding, so i will need to find a suitable VPN option until that error can be remedied, does anyone have any tips or tutorials on successfully setting up a VPN tunnel on freenas to work with MineOS? or does anyone know of who i could talk to about information on this topic?

  3. how versatile is the config options for a modded server, and what are some tips to fine tune a server to run in tip top shape with said mods and configs?

  4. how good is plugin support for MineOS? i run Sponge plugins on my current jurry rigged hamachi forge server, is there Sponge compatability?

Any info on these topics that could be helpful and greatly appreciated, thank you!

  1. There are several guides if you search the forum, but you will see that most fall back to the predefined modpacks, since they are made to work with pre defined client-mod-packs. Creating a modpack is lots of work to make sure you have a combo of mods that work well with each other, and you also have to provide the matchin mod pack to the clients. If the packs do not match, your users will have connection issues.

  2. Freenas is a repeat question here, and there are several threads running through the steps of installing and getting this to work.

2.5. MineOS is just a web overlay / WebUI. It relies on the underlying OS to handle network connections. Any guide you find to make a VPN setup work with FreeNAS should do the trick. As long as you set MineOS to just listen on any interface ( and the respecitve server ports, and your freenas VPN setup passes along connections on the apropriate port, MineOS should not see any difference from a normal connection.

  1. MineOS is just a administrator WebUI, primarily made for the vanilla Minecraft server. Any special modifications must be done on the config fiels of the mods, or for your spesific forge-config files. MineOS only shows the contents of the standard minecraft server-properties file and mineOS’s server.config file. For more info on server propreties go here: https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Server.properties

  2. MineOS just handle the server jar config. Any internal config considering plugins or mods is handled by the modded server jars. There are no ekstra mod support. you have to manually add mods or plugs using ftp to the apropriate server driectories.