Locked out of MineOS server

Hey this is Kiaph here, I ask alot of questions.

So recently I needed to use port 25566 as well, and everything was working with 25565 and could even see 25566 but nothing could connect.

After some time of trying different computers removing many fire walls, I realized there must be fire wall issues with debian jessie.

So I went to myip:12321 and reset the firewall settings…

now I can’t connect to my server. which means I can’t even connect to 25565 like i was able to, everything is blocked all the ports are closed.

What do I do to go about re opening these ports and disabling the firewall?
I no longer have any outside connection… spite before resetting I made sure the firewall didn’t activate on reboot ( or so it said it didnt in the options ) and made sure that all out coming, incoming , any traffic was accepted ( yet here I am unable to access it?) perhaps the settings are in reverse somehow glitched and accepeted = rejected. idk, but need help getting back into server, thankyou

I have a Tomato-firmware router and capable of using it, so please refrain from suggesting anything to do with my router and its port forwarding.

MineOS turnkey wheezy ( upgraded personally to jessie )

Dear Jonathan_Martin (Kiaph),

how did you go about “resetting the firewall settings”?

i can think of a few ways if ports 22 and/or 12321 are still open.

if not, i can think of one other way.

use nano to edit your ip tables logged on as root, to open whatever ports you need opened.

Good Luck!


I suggest you to reset iptables by following this: http://serverfault.com/a/497448
For more informations about iptables: https://minecraft.codeemo.com/mineoswiki/index.php?title=Iptables