LDAP Through PAM breaks WebUI


I’m trying to setup LDAP authentification through PAM for MineOS.

I’ve configured my debian 9 machine as a ldap client and it is working fine. I then did the 2 steps requiered for PAM working for MineOS.

Hopefully, I had made a snapshot…

Login with a ldap user is working, but when at the main page, I don’t have any username at the top-right of the page, and things seems broken, profiles are unavailable, creating a server doesn’t pop up anything on the dashboard…etc.

I understand that I may need to cheat some things, like creating my user in /etc/passwd, idk, something like that.

But the real issue is then, if I logon with a normal user, same issue, no username visible, no profiles or servers available (and they were existing!!).

I hadnt been successful at repairing that, so I got back on my snapshot.

Any advice on my matter ?

thanks for reading


Hello back,

A friend of mine did some work on mineos-node, and sent a pull request here :

I think it also fixed this issue :

I’ve successfully tested his branch and I would be glad if you could check it out.