Laymans walkthru for newbies please...attack of the b team

Hey I am learning I need a laymans walkthur on putting attack of the b team on mine os if it is even possible I am bigging to think it is not possible. My husband got Original on there but we can not seem to do attack of the b team.

I ran across a bug that kept Attack of the B Team from installing smoothly and without error. I think the issue is fully resolved in a recent patch, so you’ll need to update your scripts in order for it to work:

a. Update MineOS

It depends on how you installed MineOS, but most circumstances should be okay with these commands, as root

cd /usr/games/minecraft
git fetch
git reset --hard origin/master
npm install

b. Restart the webui.

I think it should do it automatically from the above steps, but a sure-fire way is to restart the host machine.

c. Upload the zip file for Attack of the B team to /var/games/minecraft/import
d. From the webui, click on ‘import a server’, choose the zip file you just uploaded and give the server a name.
e. start the server and voila!

I will have my husband take care of it see if it works when gets home thank you.

That did not work. We can not even download a vanilla server now.

Worked for me. Can you report any errors that pop up? Or any errors that exist in /var/log/mineos.log?

I am going to have my husband get on here tonight and explain everything that way maybe together we can figure it out. I know we are using a linux based debian server or something to that effect. I do not get any error codes. I do know when we go to try to download vanilla we can not there is not even a download circle or nothing. I have a server up and running on my laptop just fine we are trying to archive that server and use it.