Java Versions and Updating them

I’m really confused about the Java versions and how they affect what versions you can run. I want to run a 1.17 server. (I’ve been running a 1.16.5 server for the past 4 months). I’ve read a good number of forums and they all say things about updating your Java to Java 16 to run 1.17 and for one, I don’t know what Java version I have, (I got MineOS Turnkey from last February if that says anything) nor do I know how I would go about updating it. My server is running off of a separate computer but I do have FileZilla set up for it. So basically what I’m wondering is; What are Java versions, What Java version do I have, and can I update it through FileZilla or do I have to hook up a monitor, mouse and keyboard to the other computer.

It looks like Server 1.17 will require Java version 16.
Most likely you have Java 8 installed.
in a command line enter: java -version
Here’s the link to the discussion. Upgrading Java It starts off with Java 15, but later on, it has Java 16 listed.
@hexparrot has been doing some work to update the WebUI, but I don’t know where that progress is at.
You wouldn’t use Filezilla to update the files, but you can SSH into the machine buy using PuTTy. No need to set up the KVM.