Java 11 is required for Minecraft 1.17


When I started my 1.16.4 PaperMC-server in MineOS today it gave me this in the logs below.
Will MineOS be updated to atleast Java 11? Right now it’s 1.8

[12:50:28] [Server thread/INFO]: Done (3.894s)! For help, type "help"
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] ************************************************************
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * WARNING - YOU ARE RUNNING AN OUTDATED VERSION OF JAVA.
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * PAPER WILL STOP BEING COMPATIBLE WITH THIS VERSION OF
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * JAVA WHEN MINECRAFT 1.17 IS RELEASED.
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] *
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * Please update the version of Java you use to run Paper
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * to at least Java 11. When Paper for Minecraft 1.17 is
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * released support for versions of Java before 11 will
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * be dropped.
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] *
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * Current Java version: 1.8.0_265
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] *
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] * Check this forum post for more information:
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] *
[12:50:28] [Server thread/WARN]: [io.papermc.paper.util.PaperJvmChecker] ************************************************************

EDIT - I Might have come at this problem the wrong way, can I update Java myself? I am running latest Unraid distro with Hexparrot’s MineOS Docker.


I am also having this issue. I have seen several posts on the Turnkey forums on how to update java, however since I am a novice Linux user I am afraid I’ll break something.

Just started using Paper Server 1.16.4 on MineOS and noticed the same message on boot in the console. It would be great if someone knew whether MineOS Turnkey ISO, currently available today for download will still function with Java 11 installed.

I’ll be messing around with this in the meanwhile starting with a simple Debian O/S Java Runtime upgrade.

Wish me luck. Took me almost a day to learn about permissions to shoe horn a Forge Minecraft server into a Paper on MineOS. I really need to learn best practices for server administration and fast :slight_smile:

I found a way to update java to 15.0, this is the website that I used (it was such a pain to find)

I followed the “For Debian 9 / Debian 8:” section. I’m using a VM of mineos so your luck may vary I hope that I was able to assist.

One note on that website where it said “sudo apt install oracle-java11-set-default” that didn’t work for me but I found that “apt install oracle-java15-set-default” was a valid command so that’s what I’m using

Good luck, Void

I am using MineOS Turnkey. I was able to install Java 15 however, I was unable to make the server run. It simply won’t start. Not sure what I am missing. I’ve had to set it back to using Java 8 for the time being. I don’t fancy going down the Windows route of running my server when 1.17 comes out.

I too followed the instructions and managed to somehow update to Java 15, however my servers will not start when I have Java 15 as the default. I had to revert the default back to Java 8 and my servers would start again. Does anyone at all know how to make this work. We need to prepare for 1.17 or do we all need to find another solution to self host our minecraft servers?

@Chewmacca I am using MineOS Turnkey on a physical machine that I connect via PuTTY, can you tell me how you managed to install and get Java 15 working? I did update to Java 15, but the servers will not start.

Yeah, I managed to install Java 15 but my server won’t start. Unfortunately I am in the same boat as you.

I can see this becoming a big issue for when 1.17 is released. I really hope someone has a clear and concise solution for this. I can see this becoming a big issue for when 1.17 is released. I really hope someone has a clear and concise solution for this. @voidthe can you offer any more information on how you got Java15 to work for you?

Maybe mineOS project is dead now and we should look to other solutions. This upcoming issue seems to be ignored. Do you have any thoughts on this @hexparrot

Maybe mineOS project is dead now and we should look to other solutions. This upcoming issue seems to be ignored. Do you have any thoughts on this @hexparrot

If MineOS is insufficient for you and others and you’re interested in other solutions, I can understand that entirely.

Getting a new version of Java to replace an old Java version is a pretty basic task, as MineOS simply will execute the java command found first in the PATH variable order for the root user.

If that’s a dealbreaker for the entire webui to be useful–then indeed–I am surprised, because the amount of work to transplant a version of Java seems dwarfed by the amount of work to have a friendly web interface and a dashboard. But I’ve been installing Java and programming this webui for ten years for MineOS, so it seems trivial. I guess I’ve just discovered the limit of what some users are willing to learn and explore before they find that I’m negligent in my development and is decide to move on.

@hexparrot no I don’t think you are negligent, what you have produced in the webui is fantastic and really help people like myself who can follow guides. However outside of this, we are a little lost in particular to the above upgrading of the java. We have successfully installed Java and as you say it may be a trivial and easy thing for you to make work. If you could tell us what to do in a simple guide I’m sure we would be very grateful.

@Richard I wrote this up in a pinned piece. Sorry for my shortness in temper.

Thanks for this. I’m gonna give this a go on a fresh version of MineOS. I really don’t want to break anything with my server. I’m hoping I can get this to work. :slight_smile:

I tested this on a VM and it worked so I did it to my main server and I can confirm it also works. :slight_smile:
I had to remove the Java args otherwise it wouldn’t start. Maybe this version of Java no longer supports some of those args. Anyway, I’m ready for 1.17. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help!!!

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Has anyone been able to run pre versions of Minecraft 1.17, I had been running snapshots without trouble … but after pre1 - pre4 versions won’t even start … Up to the last snapshot I’ve been able to play without trouble… I even updated to the recommended java version for 1.17 but no luck …

I had issues running mineos until I updated java to 13 … 11 didn’t work. I’m running on a vm running centos 8. However, once I got java updated to where a server would start, buttons an pressure plates stay depressed and essentially do nothing. I also can’t stop the server manually. I have to kill -9 the PID.

There is a way to manually update to Java 16 which can run 1.17: Upgrading to Java 15 from the MineOS Turnkey ISO - #15 by dreammemek