Jars wont show up. Please help me fix this!

For some reason Whenever I try to run my server it shows that theirs no jars installed when I have ~5 Installed and it wont let me delete my previous jars and replace them. Will somebody please help me?

Oh yeah here’s a video showing problem: https://youtu.be/g7j4ZqwL0wA

hi Zyphoid,

what are the names of the 5 jars you have installed? how did you install them? what user account was used to install them? what is their location?

what is it that will not allow you to delete your previous jars and replace them?



hi Zyphoid,

i see your video, low quality so i can not make out your user account name there.

i think i see you downloading mojang mc version 1.11.2, is that correct? and did it show it stuck at 17% (not fully downloaded yet)?

best regards,