Issues logging in with non root user

I followed this guide - MineOS Webui on Ubuntu Server 20 | mineos-node - to create a server using a clean new ubuntu 22.10 server, the only thing i changed what the path the java tar to get v20

everything seems to work fine, but i can’t login with any user other than root. theres no logon error, just the page refreshes back to the login form.

when successfully logging in with root, clicking my username and then git commit, i get git commit: f492bb7, which i think is an old version

I tried git pull from the minecraft folder, but it says “Already up to date.”

is my webui up to date, or is something else wrong?

Your user password is likely using yescrypt and you need to change it to SHA512 (iirc) there’s a post on here that talks about it.