Issue with Importing existing server

I have been running a virtualbox instance of MineOS Turnkey and running a server on my main machine. I now have a dedicated machine to run it on. I created an archive of my existing server and coied it off with WinSCP. I have then copied the server backup into the Import directory on the new server and Imported the server. All settings look good, folder structure looks good. When I run the server it will load about 20mb of memory then just stops and says server is down. No console errors, no crash report. No feedback what could be happening. I have even tried another virtual machine and came up with the same results. Not sure what to try at this point as this should be a simple process, but something is not adding up.

What version of MineOS? (Python or Node)
Did you specify the jar file to use?
What do the Minecraft server logs say, and what does the MineOS log say?

You might try using another Minecraft server jar file, and/or testing the “.tar.gz” file on the PC you copied it to before copying it to the new one (open it with 7-Zip/E7Z, then click on test).

I’m not sure where to check for the version number. I’m running the MineOS Turnkey version that loaded off cd. Yes I have the forge file loaded in java. All the settings are duplicate to how the existing servers is running. There is nothing in the log file that I can find. It starts loading the memory as it is going to start then just stops before it gets anywhere. I"m a novice at this as this was my first try at running this so any help is appreciated.

Looks like it’s the NodeJS version according to the download site.

The log files tell us what is wrong, though, so you can you clarify if you can’t find the file–or if you can’t find anything you think is indicative of the problem?

What log file did you look in, the /var/log/mineos.log?

Next question, can you verify you can successfully start a new, vanilla server–not one that imported. This will help clear up any further questions about the workflow for starting a server altogether.

Sorry been real busy at work so late posts. Just looked at the mineos.log and it shows only issued command : \ "start\ " and then recieved request and that’s it.

New server creation is working fine. I think it’s just something with the import. Is it possibly just not putting the right permissions on the folder it’s creating?

Hi, did this fix your issue? I am having a similar problem where ftp downloaded my files from a hosted minecraft service and added them to MineOS via WinSCP. I checked permissions for every file and folder and matched it up with a server instance I created in MineOS that WAS working. This seems to have fixed the problem but I’m not sure if it will be a permanent fix, as in I will no longer have permission problems as the game progresses and new files are created.

Ended up just copying over the world folder to a new fresh installed server, but still running into an issue. Now i’m stuck at “Loading world” and will not go any further. When you look at server it says still starting if you try to connect. Not sure if there are certain files I should delete in the old world folder to make it refresh them? This is on a Project Ozone Server that was just updated to 1.6.1

Found out the fix. Need to run /fml confirm. There was two entity’s it could not process and this made it skip them and load.