Issue starting cron jobs for backups

I’m trying to get auto backups and archives working, but I seem to be doing something wrong, or it’s broke :pensive:

{"level":"warn","message":"[Server] invalid cron expression submitted: 0 0 4,12,20 ? * * *","timestamp":"2021-12-18T20:30:55.711Z"}
{"level":"warn","message":"[Server] invalid cron expression submitted: 0 0 0 ? * * *","timestamp":"2021-12-18T21:55:24.163Z"}

I would have thought that those cron expressions were okay? I don’t know if the spaces are screwing it up, or maybe something else. Is there a known good expression I can put into mine just to check?
Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Try here


This worked! Thank you :D 
I’m guessing it was either the too many time thingies, or the ?s that was causing it to fail
Running 0 4,12,20 * * * has solved it I think :thinking: