Issue Importing Server - MineOS Crashes - Using Docker

Got MineOS working on this Docker Container. It is working perfectly fine, except when I try and import my old server. My old server is about 3Gb in size and ran off of CraftBukkit 1.8.8. When I try to import, MineOS gets very slow, and then the docker container itself crashes. The server is stored as a and was placed in the /var/games/minecraft/import directory.

Any ideas on why something like this would occur?

Are you using dynmap/are there tens of thousands of non-game files in that archive?

Yes! Dynmap is one of the plugins that I was using.

If possible, try to move the dynmap directory somewhere not in the /var/games/minecraft directory tree.

Since it’s still expected in that directory, you can replace the vacant directory with a symlink to the new place you move it–this should allow dynmap operation to continue as normal. The file watcher I use to check for log updates/newly generated is supposed to skip any directories named dynmap–but since it’s not, it’s traversing tens of thousands of directories/files and that’s causing the crashes/slowdowns/mishaps.

I have an idea about how to fix it that I’ll start exploring, but in the meantime, the symlink should be the immediate way to get past this.


I just made a new github branch to try to address this. Can you tell me if using this new commit fixes the issue?

If not, would you be willing to try the followup as well? I’m hoping to solve this problem once and for all!

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Got it working by doing what you said above.
I think the issue might have been more than just Dynmap. I forgot that I also had, within the zip, a folder within the main server containing an older server that was no longer being used. Since I was technically importing two servers as one, that was probably the reason I was having issues.
Removed the old server folder within my main server directory, and it imported just fine!

Thank you once again for your quick help!