ISO installation error "disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter"

Hi, i have downloaden mineos for 64bit, i try to install it (burned with poweriso and even tried imgburg) but when i boot the cd i get this message, disk boot failure, insert system disk and press enter

i hope someone can help me - sidney teelen

The error you’re getting seems more like a BIOS error than a Turnkey one. Disk boot failure indicates that your BIOS hasn’t found anything to boot off of, which means one of a few things potentially:

  1. bad cd burn (least likely)
  2. bios not set to boot off of cd/dvd drive (more likely)

Check that your BIOS is looking to boot off your optical drive or if there is a shortcut key to boot off CD and let me know if your error changes.

i have it al done, i have burned 2 cd and have triend it on 2 mobo

Some google results for the error “disk boot failure …

One thing I see common to almost all of these results is that none of them are related to MineOS; I suspect because the error you’re getting is typically not at the OS-level (such as it reading the actual disc), but instead at the BIOS level, where it is trying to detect any MBR or bootable media.

It comes as no surprise then that very few of the solutions are questioning the iso-burn itself, but instead the BIOS settings or the MBR of the set-to-boot HDD.

When you don’t have the MineOS ISO put in the drive, do these 2 other motherboards boot properly?

Do you see activity on the cd/dvd drive prior to this error?

i installed it on another mobo and setted it back to the mobo i want it on close topic please