ISO Download File v1.2.2

So seems to been over a year since the download link stoped working for over 8 months now. Many folks have posted links to downloads to the ISO but this is the internet.

So I wanted to find the most authentic and reliable ISO. Since I did not see a hash of the original I can verify the whole ISO but I did verify the file dates within the ISO match the last known update from GitHub. I am 98% sure this is a copy of the original. If other that have a copy of the 1.2.2 ISO (the latests) can confirm there md5 or sha256/512 hashes it would make that % go up.

Be sure to read the About This File file for all the details before downloading. Link is to a Google Drive folder. Always check hash after downloading to confirm the file was not tampered with.

My Google Drive Folder Link

Posting Hashs here too

See my profile for my details

If you have an original download ISO posted (Jan 7th 2023) that you downloaded between 1/7/2023 and 11/1/2023 would love to have you post your checksum hash (md5/sha256/512)