Isn't responding to connection attempts

Hi, I followed the guide on how to download MineOS turnkey onto my server. (
Everything went fine till the part where I type my ip adress/admin in. That is where my problem comes up it is that my browser says “This site can’t be reached”. I troubleshooted the site on my pc using the network diagnostics. It told me that the site was online, but wasn’t responding to connection attempts. I’m not sure what to do next. If i messed up during installation, if something just needs to be changed, or if something needs to be done in the advanced settings. I did notice there were more options in the advanced settings than in the video, though the video is a bit old so I’m sure some things have changed.

I’m new to linux and this kind of stuff, but wanted to set up a server for fun and to play with friends. Any help would be appreciated. Bellow I am including pictures to what I was talking about above.


Your connection attempts are from a separate windows machine, which is okay. But for us to determine what could be the cause, we’ll need to look at the server itself.

I’m assuming you’re doing this on some old machine (as opposed to a virtual machine)–or something similar. Can you get to the keyboard of this machine you’ve installed Turnkey on, and verify the internet works?

One such way is to get to a terminal prompt and try: ping

If you can’t ping google, your network isn’t set up properly, and naturally connection attempts to the webui will also fail.

If you can ping, share with us the results of this command:

netstat -ntlp

This will tell us if the servers that are up are actually up and listening on the ports you expect.

thank you I got it running