Is there an easy way to install on Windows Server 2019?

I want to host on a vps instead of home so i can check the performance out before buying more ram for servers. Is there a way to install it without too much confusion on Win Server?

MineOS uses Node JS and java as main engine for its , so as long as you manage to install those two and get them running it is theoretically possible.

You can find a description of how to get node installed here, remember to install the correct version to mach MineOS: How to Install Node.js on Windows Server 2019 using nvm-windows

MineOS is coded to use the user management system from the underlying OS, so you may have to do some tuning of the rights management, and it may be that the linux way of users is to hard coded into MineOS.

For production of archives and backups MienOS also uses linux’s rules for file naming and file sturctures, so you may need to adjust MineOS’s code to respect widows (NTFS / FAT) file structure and rules. You may also need to do some manual path and file placement.

Download virtualbox and install MineOS as a virtual server on your windows server. This may bring its own challenges though, since your windows is it self a virtual machine?

Hi, I use hyper-v for running my servers on mineos, and it run perferctly !