Is there a limit to number of server MineOS can run concurrently?

Hi all this may be a noob question but i can not find an answer elsewhere. I have MineOS turnkey running smoothly with 3 concurrent game worlds … all of them are accessible both locally and externally… when i try to bring a 4th online MineOS shows the server comes up with no issues but I am not able to connect to it either locally or externally. My current port setup is:

server 1 on 25565
server 2 on 25566
server 3 on 25567

I have tried to put server 4 on both 25568 and 25564 as well as few other ports that i know turnkey does not normally use but with no success… if i take down one of my existing servers and use that port number then server 4 works just fine. So i guess my question is - Is there a limit to the number of concurrent servers that MineOS can run?

There exists a limit that is hardcoded in the utility Screen MineOS uses to run several servers, it is hard coded to 40, so unless you recompile screen yourself, that is the only limit that exists.

Other than that there may be hardware limits, you need to have enough processing power, and enough memory.

The most concurrent servers I have ran is about 8 or 9, so other than that we need some log info if you need help figuring out what happends.

Thanks for the info iMelsom, turns out my issue was more basic … i forgot to open the corresponding port in turnkey’s onboard firewall

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