Is mineOS able to run on Vram

i installed mineOS on a latepanda computer, but it only has 4gig of ram, so i tought to add vram with linux (i use virtual box)

will the server be able to run on Vram?

I highly doubt that vRAM (video memory) could be used as regular system memory for virtualization or even system purposes that are not video or game or graphics related, unless that program is made or built specifically with that in mind (games and graphics programs typically) or the platform itself uses vRAM (such as some video game consoles (PS4 Pro and Xbox One X are/would be prime examples of this right now) as well as completely/fully custom PCs that you typically can’t exactly build for yourself (such as the ZhongShan Subor-Z+ PC/Console Hybrid)). Having worked with VirtualBox’s core myself for my vBoxSysInfoMod program/script, I can’t recall there ever being a feature or function to make use of video memory for anything other than video memory, and I have not dived into exploring that much either apart from in the past, way/long before my vBoxSysInfoMod project like years before I even thought of creating anything like it, I knew or found out that VirtualBox has a hard cap limit of 256MB for video memory anyway regardless so you definitely wouldn’t really be going anywhere with that either, as for whether that allocated video memory comes from actual GPU video memory or system memory I’m not really sure as I’ve not really looked into that personally but same thing would apply within virtualized systems as well not being able to make use of video memory as being system memory.