IPv6 and Web UI


Does the Web UI support IPv6?

I’ve set socket_host = '::' in /etc/mineos.conf then reboot the system. Then I can access the Web UI via the IPv6 but some elements seems to be missing (see screenshot) :

Never have done any testing of ipv6, so I’ll say that ipv6 is not officially tested/supported. Almost all of MineOS deployments are home-hosted, in which case ipv6 is often not utilized or sometimes not even available.

I’m not against having ipv6 part of the webui, but since there’s so many different areas of the code base that could need updating (updating express.js, socket.io, etc.), it might not be a trivial support change.

OK, that’s not a problem. I just wanted to be sure :wink:

Minecraft and MineOS do support IPv6. In my town we only get IPv6 (IPv4 via DS-Lite tunnel which can’t be used to connect to the server). It’s over a year ago that I set it up for IPv6 and the detail are fuzzy but it did work. BUT the client dose NOT support IPv6! It is blocked in the code (or was a year ago) because of some problems it caused. I had to use a proxy.