IPTables allows all connections out of the box MineOS-Node

I recently updated my server to the Mineos-node-bullseyex64 release. I had backed up all of my Minecraft servers before so I could quickly restore them. As usual, after installing the new version I got the notification that “this image is secure out of the box and only ports 22, 25565, and 8443 are permitted in iptables”. However, After restoring 4 of my Minecraft servers that use ports like 25595, 25592. I noticed that I never had to add those ports to the iptables list to be able to access them.

I followed this guide to see if it would at least drop the connections of those ports that I didn’t add but it seems that I’m still able to connect either way.

The only thing I can think of that may have cause this was after an install I ran an apt-get update & apt-get upgrade out of habit. Would that have possibly caused my iptables to get messed up and allow everything?

Edit: After reinstalling MineOS the default rules to block all traffic other than the necessary ports came back. Must have happened after running the apt-get update & apt-get upgrade.