Introduction and Questions

Hey everyone, I’m MrGeekman9999! (Known as GeekusManus in Minecraft.)

I just realized that MineOS is still alive and well. For some reason I thought this was a dead project.
Maybe that was CRUX??? I don’t really know who made what and when.

I’m currently running a Lubuntu server as my Minecraft Host and have no good headless management.
(vnc refuses to work for some reason…)

Anyway, would I be correct in saying that MineOS is going to use less resources than Lubuntu?
Also, would I be able to make a script to have the server jar reboot every 24 hours?
What about a physical machine reboot on a schedule with the server jar starting on startup?
(I’m still a Linux n00b and haven’t figured any of that out yet.)

With what I’ve seen it seems that instalilng MineOS is the better option for me here.
What say you, various peoples?

Hi, I’m hexparrot, the creator of MineOS.

Recap on the history of MineOS

MineOS has had a history of being distributed in a number of ways, as an ISO and also as a separate suite of scripts: MineOS (microcore), MineOS CRUX, and MineOS Turnkey are the three variants where an ISO was produced and distributed, ready to be installed on bare metal or VMs.

During MineOS Turnkey’s reign, I changed the distribution method to git, where the scripts became platform-agnostic and could operate on already-installed servers. MineOS Turnkey continues to be distributed as an ISO that uses this git method to the benefit of the Linux-uninitiated.

Recommended Distro

Currently, my official position is I recommend users use the distro they are already familiar with–and if none, then to use MineOS Turnkey. In your case, if you’re familiar with Lubuntu (and thus Ubuntu), I would personally recommend that you use the MineOS-on-Ubuntu installation steps to use MineOS.

MineOS will use less resources than many comparable Minecraft control panels. Whether Debian (what TKL is based on) uses less than Lubuntu is unknown to me and addresses the wrong point.

Once I changed my flagship to Turnkey, “low system resource use” was no longer one of the advertised features of the Operating System, but instead one of the features of the scripts. While I have the control to strip down Turnkey further, I chose not to for a number of reasons:

  • I can’t presume to know which Debian/Turnkey features most MineOS users will want removed.
  • The effort to strip down Turnkey goes against the philosophy of TKL in the first place, which is to make easy (“turnkey”) systems that are stable, and functional, and standardized.

TL;DR? Lubuntu–which aims to be lightweight–could potentially be lighter than Turnkey Core, but the difference is likely negligible. The time saved by using a distro (and packaging systems) you’re familiar with will be more valuable than a MB here or there in saved memory.

Out of box, there is a daily reboot function built into the webui. It has its own limitations though, so if you are looking for a precise restart time (rather than an interval), I’d advise you to create a crontab (which I’d also assist with).

This is not built into the web-ui, but just like all distributions anywhere, it can be done through the use of crontabs. The web-ui does have the functionality to start any servers you want upon boot.

Hey hexparrot, thanks for the excellent reply!
While I was temporarily hosting the server from my desktop PC, the players made an uproar.
The performance was so much better they insisted that I keep the server on my desktop.
After thinking it over, there’s no good reason not to. I just wanted to have a reason to toy with Linux. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ll be using a Windows based management tool on my server now. As for my Linux box, it’s going to get a bit dusty now. Oh well, thanks again for the help!
MineOS is a great contribution to the worlds of Minecraft and Linux! :smiley:

EDIT: Also, sorry if you feel like I wasted your time. Didn’t think I’d make such a change.

Lol it’s quite alright. I’m accustomed to people who decide MineOS isn’t the solution that they’ll choose in the end–it’s nothing personal and I am pleased that your question and my answer can help future visitors.

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