Internet not connecting to Computer?

I’ve been running mineos for awhile now and everything has been working fine.

Recently I had to disconnect the internet and plug it in again using a different Ethernet cable and then it couldn’t connect to the internet or the local network. So I purchase a brand new one and still it won’t connect to the internet.

I attempted to ping google and it said network unavailable or unreachable.

Iptables — list aren’t showing any ips

Unsure what to do, have attempted to troubleshoot this myself for two days and haven’t gotten anywhere.

Please advise

Listing iptables shows your firewall rules, and does little to help you with the connectivity issues you have, try using one of the following commands instead.
ip addr
hostname -I

They may need sudo, but whould be OK.

I suspect that either your server is not using DHCP, and that by chaning network connection your LAN address pool changed so that your server and available network no longer match, or that the switch port you connect your server to (the other side of the cable) is faulty or out of service.


Okay so I’m semi dumb.

Ran all three commands and all of them gave me back the IP address I used, as well as the packets that are being transferred and such.

So the Ethernet and internet works…

Just can’t get a ping outbound.

What would you recommend?

Do all IP-settings correspond with the settings of the network your server is connected to?

Do it use the same DNS-adresses?
Is the correct gateway configured?
Is the configured IP adress in the same range that the LAN the server is connected to?
Is it in the same subnet?

Ping is an increasingly unreliable method of network chekcing , since ping request often are blocked since using an overwhelming flood of pings are one of the most used DDOS attack methods


Ummm so I rebooted after I typing ip addr and then logging into my router…
I did nothing else.

It is working…

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