? instead of hebrew at the console

Is it possible to see Hebrew at the console?
All conversations appear as ???

Please help.

Are you referring to ingame console? Or are you referring to the web-ui trying to show the game logs?

I’ve never tried in any other languages, but I’m guessing that it might be related to the character encoding, which is:

I suspect because its utf-8, that it is unlikely to get any Hebrew characters to show up in the web-ui…Hrm…

When a player writes “Hello” in the game Is there a place where I can see it on the server?
When it was written in Hebrew i see it as “???” at the web-ui.
maybe there is another place, for example in a particular file in a folder at the server, where i can see the conversation.

You can see it in log files.

From the log file:
[13:17:04] [Netty IO #15/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ?? ?? ???e[m
[13:17:05] [Netty IO #9/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ??? ???e[m
[13:17:07] [Netty IO #0/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ,nubv ak nfubh,?e[m
[13:17:10] [Server thread/INFO]: joni2 lost connection: Disconnected
[13:17:12] [Netty IO #0/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ??? ?? ???e[m
[13:17:14] [Netty IO #1/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ?? ???e[m
[13:17:16] [Netty IO #9/INFO]: [e[0;37;1mworlde[0;37;1m] ??e[m
[13:17:18] [Server thread/INFO]: aiti1104 was slain by Zombie

Oh well I do not know then :-/

Simply put, I don’t think this is possible with what you’re trying. Hebrew characters may work in game, but if minecraft itself doesn’t encode the characters appropriately at the file system level, the webui wouldn’t even know there were Hebrew characters in the first place.

I’m not at a comp now, but I suspect that perhaps it just means that the jar level logging is insufficient for non ASCII logging

From what I can collect I assume the web UI’s console is displayed from the log file, so if you set the log file’s encoding to UTF-8 wouldn’t that solve it? Then again, the game may overwrite the log files and set it back to ANSI or whatever is default.

root@core servers/myserv # file logs/latest.log
logs/latest.log: ASCII text
root@core servers/myserv # enca -L none logs/latest.log
7bit ASCII characters

Despite characters working in-game, it appears the Minecraft jar itself is degrading the text to normal ASCII upon writing to the logs/latest.log file. Since the jar itself is doing the (unwanted) conversions, the best the web-ui can get is the ‘?’ that the jar saves to disk.