Installing the MineOS Web User Interface

In This video Will is showing how to install the MineOS Web User Interface. The tutorial is good but it is missing alot of information.
Which Linux Did he use?
What is the configuration of the Linux
and Blabla bla

So is it possible to talk to someone who already did a MineOS instalation on a other pc.
Is it possible to talk to Will
My Skype is
Please help me i have a hold pc with good component and i want to use it!!

Hi knotty,

As far as what distro I used, it’s turnkey Linux, which is a Debian derivative. The instructions outlined in the video will work on any apt-get based package distro, such as straight Debian or even Ubuntu.

Check out the wiki for other distros:

Bsd, centos, arch…almost every variety of distro has corresponding instructions: basically anything Linux/bsd will work.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Ok can you explain me the prosses of instalation on skype because i want to use MINEOS on an old pc and let him run 24/7.

PS: Sorry for the misspell Im french but i can speak english!!

Have you explored the wiki or the homepage yet?

For those who are not that familiar with Linux, you can use the “MineOS Turnkey” solution, which does all the steps for you–you simply have to burn the ISO and install it with the on-screen prompts.

I want the web interface and yes I explored the wiki and the home page put there is nothing about linux or the configuration or the blablabla or even the linux that U use in you video with the black screen were you cant log in and when i try to connect my self into the ROOT user it said “Accest denied”!!!

See: Why can’t I log in as root?

That’s because there’s very little configuration MineOS requires of the distro itself…it is designed to work on ALL distros, and where distros are different from eachother, it is documented with which command is relevant.

Distros= WHAT??
And with type of linux did you use in you video
And do I have to open port or something like that!!

MineOS is indeed a learning distribution (“distro”) intended for audiences who have never used Linux before. However, based on this thread, it seems readily apparent that you are perhaps not ready for this step in Minecraft hosting–to use Linux, that is.

I recommend you use the prescribed instructions for running a Minecraft server on your Windows desktop.

Multiplayer Server
If you’re running on Windows and just want to set up a server easily, download minecraft_server.1.8.3.exe and run it.

I know how to do a minecraft server i host three server that i have to pay put they are already configure, I just have place my file and have a ,jar ready and the server is running, I even Created a Mod pack from scrach. It is just the first time of my life that im using Linux to host my server i did all my server on windows destop or mac. So im sorry to said that but im just not good with linux and we learn by making mistake!!!

I can’t modify the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config because i don’t have the right!!

I got it i change the PermitRootLogin no for PermitRootLogin yes!!!

It is very rare that we would log in as root in linux. Typically you use “sudo command-to-elevate” sudo is super-user-do basically elevates to run as admin in window speak.