Installing rsync for CentOS 8

I was following the wiki guide to get mineos on CentOS 8 and when I it to install rsync with the root command it would give me an error. Here’s the error: File cannot be found by glob: rysc.rpm. This happens when I type in: 3.1.2-4.fc25.x86_64.rpm. What’s strange is that it give me this error and I haven’t even pressed enter. Please help!

rysc or rsync?

If that error is a complete, copy-paste, then the issue is the typo.

But this sounds like an issue completely unknown to me. Getting errors without even submitting the command points to a bigger installation issue.

isn’t it just: # yum install rsync ?

I’m sorry, I don’t use CentOS. Sorry if I’m wrong.

It’s a typo when I typed it on my phone. I copied and pasted from the wiki on the computer.

The terminal told me it was already just told me it was already installed. I just realized I installed all the dependencies with the command on the wiki “yum -y groupinstall “Development tools”