Installing plugins (MineOS Turnkey - Jessie x64)

If there is an up to date proper plugin installation explanation for Bukkit/Spigot type plugins floating around, I don’t know where it is. (And I apologize for essentially reposting this!) There is fragmented and incorrect information floating around, and it made it fairly difficult for me to figure out where the server files are located and what to do with the plugins I have downloaded. So, out of frustration, I am posting this to help anyone else that might be having the same issue.

**Disclaimer: Some Plugins might require more steps than this, but the vast majority of plugins are installed as explained below!

To access your server and transfer files around you will need an SSH/SFTP client. One of the many places I looked searching for this information mentioned WinSCP, so that is what I am using. It can be found Here.

Using Win SCP is easy and is outside the scope of this guide. The most important thing is you want to use the username root (for full access. You should be able to actually install plugins using the mc username as well, since mc actually owns the directory in question, but I just used root to be safe) and the password that you set up when installing MineOS Turnkey to log into the server.

If you check the server console’s main menu, there is a line that lists the username IP and port you should connect to using this client. Something like SSH/SFTP: root@192.168.x.x (port 22). That is all the info you need to access the server files. (Other than your password)

Now comes the part that I actually had trouble figuring out. LOCATING the proper directory. If you are googling this information you will find people pointing you all over the place. I don’t know what those people did to install their servers in those locations. (I don’t recall picking, pretty sure MineOS just did it for me, if I did have a choice though, I just picked the default directory)

That directory is:
^That is where your plugins folder SHOULD be located!
**It has been pointed out that you might have to manually add the plugins folder after the (servername) directory, although in my case I didn’t have to! :smiley:

All you have to do now is use your SSH/SFTP client to transfer the ,jar files associated with the plugin you are installing into that directory.

**Note: Do NOT extract the .jar and put those files in there, it won’t work! WorldEdit, for example, said to download and extract the .jar file into the plugin directory, but when I downloaded it from their link, it downloaded as a .jar. I’m quite sure they expected it to be a .zip file instead and wanted me to extract the .jar from the zip, but the wording they used could go either way and led to some initial confusion on my part. So for clarification, you want the .jar in that directory, not the contents of the .jar!

**Update: Watching Will’s video, I noticed something I hadn’t before. In the bottom right corner of the WebUI there is a place where you can delete files from your server. This actually lists the path for your server as well, so if it is somehow installed in another location, you could check there to find it! :stuck_out_tongue:

That is it people. Reboot your server, and assuming the plugin you elected to install is compatible and functional, minecraft will do the rest!

Hopefully this is helpful to someone, and I’m sure it has been thoroughly explained somewhere before, but that explanation somehow did not present itself to me while searching around the interwebs! Maybe this one will be a little easier for people to find.


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Dear Ondaedj,

Please post the exact version of MineOS you have installed, it is the filename of the MineOS that you originally downloaded and installed. Thanks.

It took a while for me to understand what is going on in this post. I think it can be best summed up as a “terminology” misunderstanding.

The difference seems to be the definition between ‘plugins’ and ‘mods’. I suppose ‘seeds’, ‘maps’, and ‘resource or texture packs’ could also be plugins as defined by OP.

NOTE: Todays correct definition is mods. If a mod was ever called a plug in I did not know it. Thus my confusion here:

by default no ‘//plugins’ folder is created and one would have to create it his or her self. Also there is no ‘mods’ folder created by default and must be created manually or by using the ‘Forge installer’, the default program used to deal with .jar files. Weather minecraft or forge deal with the folder ‘/mods’ and ‘//plugins’ in the same manner, I have not tested.

The rest of the post looks good in regards to ‘how to create a modded server’ but I feel the confused terminology need be addressed.

Forgive the intrusion.


I appreciate the feedback tNt!

I updated the title to include the most accurate version information I could find. (Jessie 64 bit, I don’t actually see a number or anything like that.)

That said, I’m not sure why you think I should be referring to plugins as mods. As far as I know a plugin is a server side addition to Minecraft, while a mod is something that generally needs to be installed client side. I am not really interested in installing mods on my server, although it is possible they fallow a similar process.

If you look up Minecraft plugins, you will find thousands of them listed on Bukkit’s and Spigot’s web sites, all listed as plugins, not mods (That is why they go in the plugins folder). So I think the terminology thing might relate to some sort of confusion on your part rather than mine to be honest, but I would gladly clarify it if I can think of a way to do so that seems logical.

I didn’t actually create the plugins folder. Could be some sort of fluke, or maybe they have recently updated it to automagically appear. I will include a note in that section that it may need to be manually added to the (servername) directory, as I seem to recall having to do this sort of thing in the past. (By the way you mentioning that made me notice you can’t use less than/greater than signs in this type of post, so the (servername) directory between servers and plugins wasn’t showing up in the original post, so I appreciate that as well!

Ahh, that clears it up.

You never mention Spigot or Bukkit in the OP.

A .jar is also used by Forge and is place in the ‘mods’ folder server side and client side for some mods and client/ server only for other mods. It depends on the mod.

Spigot and Bukkit may handle things differently, forgives my ignorance and intrusion.

Good Luck with Plugins!


That comment also clears up for me why you were confused! I’ve never used forge except in a single player capacity, so I am somewhat ignorant about the install methods for a server and how they might overlap this topic. I added a mention to Bukkit/Spigot to the opening sentence, so hopefully people will know what I’m talking about right when they start reading this topic! :smiley:

To clarify matters even more, I moved it over to [server software] - [Bukkit], since game plugins really is not a feature of MineOS or Turnkey them selves, and the plugins you aim at here is for Bukkit / Spigot.

Oh, perfect, didn’t even think about that! Appreciate it.:smiley: D