Installing MineOS on Chromebook

I have an HP Chromebook 14 that I want to install mineOS on, but I can’t find any tutorials of how to use iso files to install an OS on a chromebook. All I could find were ways to install Linux using crouton. Is there a way to install MineOS directly?

First of I would like to state that a chromebook is most likely not powerful enough to use as any type of server. You may also run into a host of problems with drivers and such.

This forum post explains everything: HOWTO: Install Xubuntu on HP Chromebook 14
Just swap the Ubuntu ISO with the MineOS ISO if you want to use the MineOS ISO.

I would reccomend (if you are certain you wish to use that hardware for this purpose) that you in stead use ubuntu (broader support of hardware than Turnkey). Then use this wiki post to install the MineOS webui on top: MineOS | mineos-node

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