Installing KCauldron on MineOS

I’m creating a private modpack for myself and a few friends to use. however i want to have a few plugins to keep things… under control, for say. and also to add some new cool functionality to the admin (me)


Ive figured it out, for those of you trying.
using WinSCP navigate to “var/games/Minecraft/servers/(your server)”
DELETE all the iteams in that directory
then copy all the items related to your KCauldron server into your servers directory
then in the WebUI change the jar file used to KCauldron.jar, set your ram allocation (reccomend 3GB+ depending on your modpack) and your done.

With KCauldron, all you have to do is drag-n-drop the jar file and bin folder (basically the files you got in the zip you downloaded) into your server directory, switch the jar to KCauldron, then you’re done.[quote=“Sage_Gaming, post:1, topic:1025”]
DELETE all the iteams in that directory
Pretty sure people with already established servers wouldn’t like to have their worlds and modified configurations, etc deleted just to install KCauldron (deletion of files isn’t required)