Installing Forge for 1.5.2

Hey there,

Im using MineOS with my own custom modpack on the newest Forge version, which works fine.

Now I wanted to setup another server on an older version of Forge ( for MC 1.5.2), which wont work.

In the MineOS wiki it says that I have to take some manual adjustments in the META-INF folder, but i don´t know what to change.

I´ve already tried deleting the META-INF fodler in both the “minecraft_server.jar” and “minecraftforge-universal.jar”.

I hope someone knows what changes I have to do in order to make it work.

Kind Regards Alex

And without removing META-INF, what happens?

Nothing, MineOS display [Start success], but the Server doesn´t start.

Describe how you put up your Forge server please.

As descipted in the MineOS Wiki:

But the installation of a Forge server has changed since…

Thanks, I will try applying these steps to the MineOS server files tomorrow.

Ok, keep us posted :wink:

Well. it kinda works :smiley:

Now I found the server starting and printing a server log, unfortunatly forge encounters a download error.

For Example: “Caused by:

I will now try to download the server on my windows PC and then replace the files MineOS created in the server directory.

Maybe someone has another Idea.

So far thanks @Leeo97one for pointing out that tutorial. It was a step in the right direction :wink:

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Some files are not available on the Forge website :-/ It will take you to find the libairies for Forge 1.5.2 on the internet.

Well, you don´t need to. :wink:

I´ve got the Server running with first installing it to my Windows machine, so i dont need any assistance for now.

The version covered in the MineOS wiki is for 1.7.x, which does not match the version you are attempting, 1.5.2.

The steps outlined here have been tested to work for 1.7.x (1.6.x and previous require manual jar META-INF adjustments).