Installing Apache on MineOS

I did what I found on how to install Apache in Debian,don’t think it was right. Is there a how too I should follow or a few commands I can run to make install Apache?

Why don’t you think it was right?

There’s nothing special about MineOS that would interfere/involve extra steps for Apache. MineOS operates on port 8443, and Apache (by default) at 80 and 443.

Google a different ‘installing Apache on Debian’, perhaps. MineOS is Debian, so 100% of the tutorials will work (but be sure to match “Wheezy” or “Jessie” – the version of Debian you’re using.

one thing that makes me think it didn’t work, is the folder for the webpage is not there. unless the path is different from what the how too is tellingme

Apache seems to be working but something is wrong with dynmap, can’t seem to find the path for Apache