Installation Problems with Debian 8?

Does MineOS work with Debian 8? Or should I downgrade back down to Debian 7? I’ve had some problems with it so far, and I’ve followed all the installation guide, and it’s not really functioning correctly. Should I continue to try on Debian 8, or go back to Debian 7, I have NO problem with either, both are fine with me.

What is the problem you ran into, specifically?

An error message? Can’t connect to the webui ?

Mineos is in no way tied to a distribution–but mineos does have dependencies. If those dependencies aren’t met, it won’t work. Do you have any more information you can provide about where you ran into a hurdle?

How do I install the MineOS ISO on Debian 8/7? I mount it? Or what? Because I tried mounting it but gave me 2 folders:
casper & isolinux

Have you read the wiki ?

You don’t install ISOs onto an existing server… I saw from your other post you currently rent from a dedicated server company…you might consider something a bit more simple to start with if you’re not yet too linux-savvy.

At any rate, MineOS is just a front-end. It is designed to run on all distributions. Provided you can install all the dependencies and follow the instructions on the wiki, it should work on any Debian.

Alright, thanks for the help. I decided to go back with Debian 7 because I’m most familiar with it, and it’s working perfect. Thanks :smile: