Install Error

This pops up when trying to install:
“(initramfs) Unable to find a medium containing a live file system.”

Trying to install on a pc I don’t use anymore, pc still working fine.
What should I do?

Don’t know much about your attempt. I’m assuming you’re attempting to install MineOS?

If so, there’s still too little information to know why this ISO didn’t properly load or install for you. It could most likely be that the hardware inside that PC isn’t properly supported by the standard drivers provided by my ISO.

Not all is lost–you can use any flavor of Linux to use the MineOS webui, but it likely means you’ll just not want to use this distro, and instead use something like Ubuntu Server or the like.

MineOS is two things:

  1. a web interface to manage minecraft
  2. a distro based on Debian that comes pre-packaged with the web interface.

The web interface is the real interesting part, and the pre-packaging is just a convenience. You can successfuly install the web interface on almost every distro out there. See here for instructions on getting the webui running on any Linux machine.

Hi thanks for the help but i decided to install mineos ont a virtual machine