In the Web-UI, All the Servers are gone, but all the folders are visible in SFTP

Web-UI Version: 24b30ef

So I’ve just come back from my nap, and I logged into the panel as the administrator (not root), that manages all the Minecraft Server in the Web-UI, and on SFTP, anyways, when I logged in, no servers popped up, and it says 0 running Servers. Yet, I’m currently logged in, and playing on the Network of Servers, that are supposedly missing. So I immediatly logged out, and logged back to see if I could refresh because of a Bug, didn’t fix it. I logged in as ROOT, and it still didn’t show any Servers, so then I had to make sure, I went into SFTP as the administrator (not root), and I see all the Servers, with the owner and group being the administrator. So what should I do? Will a fresh server boot do it? Or should I just reboot the Web-UI? And will rebooting the Web-UI affect any of the currently running Servers?

Thanks in Advance.

This bug happens most often when one of the servers is not responding to the server ping as MineOS expect it to. It has a pretty awful failure which makes it seem much more severe than it is (because everything is there, just not showing in the webui)

First things first, is the server still running? If so, stop the server. Whether you stop it from the command line or reboot, that should do just fine.

Rebooting the webui will never affect any servers; the webui is just a front end. The servers themselves never depend on the existence or the state of the webui.

This happens most often with forge servers (and some bukkit scenarios) when the server itself reports a different version back from the ping() than it really is (because of plugins or …stuff). So stopping the server would really be the ideal thing to do here, if possible.

cd /usr/games/minecraft
./ -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug

I tried the command “service mineos stop” and it says it stopped, yet I can still access the UI. And when I go to start it, it says its already running, yet I just stopped it…

And also when I did the command

cd /usr/games/minecraft
/ -d /var/games/minecraft ping_debug

I got this back:

bungee: bungee (1.8) - 1.8-SNAPSHOT

development: current (1.8) - 1.8.8
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “./”, line 158, in
prop_ = getattr(mc(i, None, args.base_directory), args.cmd)
File “/usr/games/minecraft/”, line 1013, in ping_debug
File “/usr/games/minecraft/”, line 980, in server_milestone
jar_file = self.valid_filename(self.profile_config[self.profile:‘run_as’])
File “/usr/games/minecraft/”, line 92, in getitem
raise TypeError(‘First argument must be string not %s’ % type(option.start))
TypeError: First argument must be string not <type ‘NoneType’>

You have an invalid profile. Check your profiles.config, remove any profiles you know you don’t care about, and try again.

If all the profiles there are relevant and useful, just check for bad values in run_as

I only have 2 profiles, Bungeecord & Spigot, which both I use. And how can I check for bad values in run_as?

Now that I think about it, I did create a user account for my Girlfriend to test and try out, all she did though was create a test server, start it and stop it, then I deleted the server, then her account. Can that have something to do with it maybe?

You can paste the contents here.

Contents of what? I don’t know how to check for bad values of run_as.

That’s where the run_as values are located.

Here is what’s in the profiles.config:

save_as = spigot-1.8.8.jar
url =
ignore =
run_as = spigot-1.8.8.jar
type = standard_jar
save_as_md5 = 11ccb857aa017a96b0e2d6ab12a285be
run_as_md5 = 11ccb857aa017a96b0e2d6ab12a285be

save_as = bungeecord-1079.jar
url =
ignore =
run_as = bungeecord-1079.jar
type = standard_jar
save_as_md5 = 1754fbd348f36170f4913566360f75c6
run_as_md5 = 1754fbd348f36170f4913566360f75c6

I think what’s happening is your server is looking for a profile that doesn’t exist in this profiles.config file.

Of all the servers in /var/games/minecraft/servers, do any have a value that isn’t spigot-1.8.8 or bungeecord-1079?

Nope, all Servers are using either one or the either profiles, bungee or spigot. All have the same exact profile name and everything. I looked through all the server.configs, matched all the names, all of them match back to the profile name. Ya think I should delete both profiles and re-download them?

I don’t think it’s the profiles right now actually, but whatever each server is reporting as the active profile.

What does the following commands return:

cd /usr/games/minecraft
/ -d /var/games/minecraft profile

bungee: bungeecord-1079
development: spigot-1.8.8
helenserver: None
lobby: spigot-1.8.8
mainserver: spigot-1.8.8
minigames: spigot-1.8.8
skyblock: spigot-1.8.8
temporary: spigot-1.8.8
towny: None

Note: Towny is not a server I use, and helenserver is neither. Both were for testing purposes, and I deleted them after using.

Are you sure they’re deleted everywhere?


same with towny. I’m guessing that this problem arose sometime right after you deleted these server’s directories.

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Wow. That did the trick. Deleting from those directories, never thought of that. Thanks so much for the assistance :smiley:

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