Importing world continually gives random new worlds

Just recently tried to get a server setup, it seemed to be working fine until I actually connected, at which point it spawned me into a newly generated world. I tried everything I saw in similar posts on this forum such as changing the world name in the and dragging the original world folders over after importing, but it just gives me different newly generated worlds. Any way to fix this? is the log for the server file, and is the mineos.log

Any way you can maybe upload that world or the server? Typically worlds only generate if there is no world or you change the world name config in or move from plugin Essentials to vanilla (well player data is lost as well as spawn points but the world itself remains in that case), but actually I think you may have a world folder structure problem. So if in your world name is set to World then your world folder needs to be named World but it also cannot be a folder within a folder it must be the actual world folder; it may be a bit more difficult to tell unless you’ve got the original world folder still before putting it in and running it on the server due to the newly generated world files, but essentially what you want is a structure that goes like ServerBaseDir>World>Data and not ServerBaseDir>World>World>Data otherwise it will be ignored and a new world will be generated and used instead. Data comprises of a few folders and files, though I’m pretty sure there is no actual folder named Data so refer to Data as being the files and folders within the world folder, Refer to World as being the World name, and ServerBaseDir as the base or root of the specific Minecraft server directory this corresponds to.

Looking at the server files, I seem to have the data in both locations. In /var/games/minecraft/servers/ all the files exist as well as another folder with the server name that has a copy of the files inside of it. This is the link to a zip of everything inside the main server folder in /var/games/minecraft/servers and this is the zipped file of the original world that I imported from.

This is what it looks like in the FTP window

Yeah, your world data is in your server root directory (ServerBaseDir), I’ll take a look at it.

Edit: I’ve taken a look and cleaned up the server folder’s structure, checked the server properties to ensure everything matched like it should, and reuploaded it so it should work: I haven’t checked it however as I don’t really know what I would be looking for. If this is a world that was imported from singleplayer then maybe it just spawns you in new chunks with the old original ones still there (use coordinates to locate them) and if not there is one other thing I could try to hopefully make it work.