Importing server from Archive

I’ve been at this all weekend, and still can’t work it out:

I have tried putting my Minecraft worlds into .zip’s, into .tar.gz’s, and into .tgz’s. I upload the compressed world to the /var/games/minecraft/import directory. (through the Webmin, because I don’t understand FTP or PuTTY or that other convenient stuff) After the upload, the file shows up under the Create Server from Archive tab, in the WebUI, but when I go to create the world from the archive, I get a fleeting red message saying that I don’t have either or both, the or the server.config files in place, in the folder.

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I think I might be onto something.

There seems to be a hidden folder created inside every folder on a Mac. Since the title of the folder is “__MACOSX” the underscore comes before any letter in the alphabet.

Simply put, I think the way around this is to make the zip/tar.gz on Windows. (or Linux if I had a copy)

The moment when you remember you set a little old computer running Ubuntu into the closet YEAAAARS ago.

I’ll keep in touch.
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:confused: it started working for some arbitrary reason.

EDIT: no it did not. I uploaded the wrong world.

Are you trying to import a minecraft world? The import option is for an existing SERVER to put on MineOS. Try downloading the server jar for minecraft, run it on your mac, then replace the “world” folder with the map you want to upload. This will generate the and other things needed to run it in MineOS. Also rename the world folder to ‘world’ without the quotes. Then compress that and import it.

You sir, Mister Dobson, are a GENIUS. Thank you very much!
My only question, however, is this:
Where does the server.config file come from? I’ve run Minecraft worlds on OS’es with GUIs and never seen a server.config file before I started with mineOS. How about it, Mr. @Greenwave_1?

The server.config file is for MineOS specific settings, such as starting on boot, backups, restarts etc…

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Right. So how do I go about generating one? I’ve never gotten one when making a Minecraft server before.

server.config is a simple text-based config file generated upon server creation. You shouldn’t need to generate one under normal circumstances, but in the event you do, simply:

  • take one from an existing server
  • create a new server and take it from there.

After you re-appropriate it for your existing server, be sure to verify all the values look correct in the web-ui, with respect to how you want it running (profile, etc).