Import Server Does Not Work

Import server function seems extremely finicky. Every time I try to import a server, it just returns me directly back to home screen if I have a server selected from the top drop-down menu; otherwise it just closes the window that prompts for new server name and nothing else happens. Out of like 50 tries, one try actually created the server, and I haven’t done anything different in that try. I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or this is a bug to be fixed. I have elementary Linux knowledge and I am comfortable using a Linux terminal. The OS I am using is Ubuntu Server run on a laptop.

The webui has all sorts of nuances that you will learn how to navigate around over time.

  • Refresh the page can sometimes fix when these sorts of issues happen
  • You can relog back in and that often fixes it
  • Restart the webui if all else falis as per the wiki: Webui Maintenance and Troubleshooting | mineos-node
    1) # supervisorctl restart mineos # used on MineOS Turnkey, and all install-on-distro deployments 2) # service mineos restart # used by systemd 3) reboot the server
    -Reboot the server can also has the same effect sometimes.