Import FTB Server from FTB Server Installer

I am trying to figure out how to import a FTB server from the FTB website. As far as I can tell, FTB only allows me to download an installer executable for the most updated FTB modpacks, and I’m not sure how to get that to “import” into MineOS. If there is a way to get the server zip instead of the installer and that would be the easiest way to fix my issue, please let me know.

I tried running the installer in the “servers” folder where all the other MC servers are located on MineOS, but afterwards the server didn’t show up on the server list. Then I “Created a New Server” with the same name as the folder that I ran the ftb installer and I was able to see the properties and jar files, but when I click “Start” with forge as the jar, it doesn’t seem to start at all. When I try to start the server with “minecrat_server” as the jar, it starts but I believe that it just runs vanilla MC. Is there anyway to get this FTB installer to work with MineOS?