Implementation differences and current standpoint (mineos - python vs node)


I’m currently in the position of deciding which implementation to use and fully test. Could you give me some information about the differences and development standpoint of the 2 implementations (python & node)?

  1. What are the differences from the users and administrators point of view (if there are any)?
  2. Have there been any benchmarks regarding average cpu/ram usage (idle and stress)?
  3. Are new features being implemented for both?
  4. Is there a development priority? (e.g. node version gets bug fixes faster/more likely)
  5. What are the support thoughts? (will the python version be supported as long as node, or will it be dropped once the node version is more stable, complete)

Sorry about those many question, I couldn’t find any trust worthy information that satisfied me. As most users probably have the choice between python and node I think I’m not the only one curios :slight_smile:


Basically Python version is end-of-life with very little chance of being updated (though my thoughts are not official). Node is where it’s at. It is currently in alpha/beta stage and needs testing to iron out bugs.
I am under the impression that the node version is better memory/response wise.

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alright thanks.

@hexparrot can you confirm this so far? (I see you liked the post :stuck_out_tongue: )
As I understand EIPres respond, the python implementation will only receive bug fixes while the node version will receive new features. On top the python version might be dropped once node is production ready.

offtopic: is iojs supported? (I know they merge back but this will take up to a year to complete)

The Python version is not likely to receive bug fixes.
It’s seems almost dropped now lol.

Alright, I guess I should definitely go with the node version then. :slight_smile:

A lot. The Python webui is just older, so it lacks a lot of modern tech that I just didn’t know how to work with at the time. Where the webui is nearly functionally equivalent, many structural changes permit for live streaming and auto updating that couldn’t exist with the cherrypy web server backend.

That, and cron is now implemented as well as just having a better system in general for profiles.

Cpu usage is higher on node. But that’s because it’s also doing more, and being much more responsive to user actions. On a normal desktop server, this cpu usage should be mostly negligible, but I acknowledge it’s still higher than I want it, by the time it goes 1.0.

Only node. Such drastic changes would be required for the Python design to accommodate these kinds of features that it would literally be easier to write a python one from scratch.

If it’s a glaring security or performance issue, I’ll still want to tackle it in either. But new features, lofty ideas, and the like pretty much will only show up on node.

The Python webui is pretty stable. It’ll live forever, and I’ll continue to provide support for people wishing to deploy it. But as I’ve previously stated, just glaring bugs will be addressed, and I’d end up advertising node- only, because it’ll keep up with minecraft, alternate servers like sponge or forge, pocketmine, and the like.


Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

Do you know how much ram the node version will require? (Could it be used on a 1-2GB V-Server together with a small server)