I'm an Idiot, but please help me figure out what's going on - server/network configuration

I had a working and happy server running earlier this year, but then I installed some new network hardware and the server went down. I got busy and never got around to troubleshooting the issue. Months later, I’m finally trying to get it back online and I’m at a loss. I can’t seem to get anything to work. Here’s what I know:

The server appears to boot etc. just fine. Plugging into the server itself, I can still log in as mc and the admin account and can run commands. It appears that the device can’t connect to the network. It seems like my router has given the server a new internal IP, but I can’t figure out what it is. I can’t get the GUI login to appear because I’m no longer sure what the internal IP is. The server doesn’t appear online to local or WAN in-game.

I’ve looked at troubleshooting for similar issues, but can’t seem to pinpoint what to do next. Is there a way that I can reinitiate the DHCP connection? How can I determine what the local IP is?

From the command line run ifconfig. That should tell you your local address then you update server.properties.

what does this mean exactly? like you have a Ethernet cable plugged in but the server just won’t show up on your network? Otherwise you would be able to see the new ip in the map on your router or as Elpress mentioned doing ifconfig

If this is the case as it sounds then make sure your adapter is turned on and functioning