I want to be able to connect to my server in online mode

Back again with another problem. I call upon the higher power of… @Siliconheart!

I read what you said in my last thread,

and connecting in “offline mode” works, as far as I can tell. Upon testing it, an external connection when the server is in offline mode seems to not be able to reach the server. There is no record of the external connection in the terminal console, but I do get a console message that says “the authentication servers are down”, when the real case is that my server computer can’t reach outside of the local network.

I might just end up giving up like last time, but I’d really like to be able to see my skin. That’s just a really fun thing for me. Alex is a little plain for my tastes.

Any help is appreciated. See you soon.
-the Nerd Herd

EDIT: I’m pretty sure I forgot to write that a local connection to the server works just fine, in offline mode. >_>

I sense I may have created a redundant thread, but don’t delete this just yet.

Also try in the console
ping www.google.com -c4
Just to make sure you can access the net.

Can I do that from the webmin console, @ElPres? Is there one? I don’t feel like getting up again. XD

Just ssh in to your box. If you’re using windows download putty

I suppose on Mac you can just type ssh 192.168.1.xxx in Terminal. If you are not familiar with command-line on Mac - yes, there is an option in WebMin - go to Tools ->Command Shell. Also you can connect to ‘Shell in a box’ via https://192.168.1.xxx:12320/ which is like Web-version of putty.