I need urgent help for my mine os server as quickly as possible please

I want to let my friends from different states join my server but my ip keeps changing. so my domain registration on freedns.afraid.org also changes and thus causing me a big disadvantage. how do i make my public ip static for free, no online hosting. I need help urgently and as soon as possible please.

Best is to get an ISP (internet service provider) that will allow you to have a more stable public IP.
Alternatively you could get a VPN like PIA, which I understand will provide you a fixed public IP (I haven’t tested it myself), however this might increase lag slightly and PIA will cost you, but you can use it on other things for multiple devices.

I use no-ip has my dynamic DNS service. It pairs well with my router and gets updated automatically. They even have a free level package, but each month you have to renew it. I find that to a minor annoyance, but can’t beat the price.