I need help with MySQL

I have tried getting to set up mysql for a plugin (LogBlock) and I had no luck. So far I tried connecting via MySQL Workbench. But it shows an error. I think it might be Authencation Issue.

Did you try searching this forum?
This (almost exact) problem was answered the 10-th of august this year… : [SOLVED] MySQL comes broke

The wiki doesnt work and its outdated

Simply stating “It doesn’t work” gives us little to help you with.

What error messages do you get? And where do you get them?

Where do the Wiki contain errors? What parts did you do, and what where the results? What commands do not work?

Did you open MineOS’s port list to allow external connections for MySQL workbench to be allowed to connect to your MySQL?

Have you tried googling “turnkey MySQL”?

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