I need help with forge

 I can get forge to load on MineOs but whatever I do mods will never load. I'll make a new server after downloading forge click on profile and click forge 1.16.4 then forge installer.jar then ill accept EULA and start server then change the runnable jar to forge 1.16.4.jar wait till it shutdown again then put it to Minecraft _server.jar and start the server. Then after it finishes making the world I go into Filezilla go to the server folder make a mods folder and drag the mod in (I've tried all sorts of mods even server-recommended ones) and go back to the dashboard to start the server. After it's started I get on ( yes I have op) and try and use the mod and it doesn't work. PLEASE HELP!
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I have the same problem and i do not undestand why fail forge.

you solve this problem?