I need help using a custom map for skyblock

Im still fairly new at this but im getting better. Point is ive been trying to get 4ps (4 pillar survival map) working for week and it always crashes. can someone leave a walk-through or guide or just tell me where to put what files. ive seen some things about how to import a map and all it tells is how to import a server. i really need help.

What I have done was to download the single player map and the minecraft server from Mojang.
Install the server then and copy the map to the world folder.
Launch the server and let it get compiled, then stop it.
Finally, you will need to archive the folder into a .tar.gz format, 7zs should do the trick.
Transfer the file into the archive directory of your sever.

In had to upload it to my /home folder then cp to /var/games/minecraft/archives.
The UI can import from there.

i dont know how to do any of that please help me…

Well, this is a process that has multiple parts to it. I would assume that you know how to archive files and use an ftp client.
You will need the software, I recommend:
7zip: http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
Filezilla: https://filezilla-project.org
Minecraft server: https://minecraft.net/en/download/server
Then you will need the map you want to upload.

When you run the MC server (instructions are on their wiki site) it will create a world folder. Place all the contents of the map files into that world folder (overwriting any files.) You will need to modify the EULA file to agree.

Once that is done, use 7zip to create the .tar.gz archive and Filezilla to up load the file to the mc /home folder.
you will need to know the root password to copy the file to /var/games/minecraft/archives folder.
command ~# sudo cp filename.tar.gz /var/games/minecraft/archives.
Access your UI website and import the saved data.