I need help please

Hello, im a completely new person on mineos, i don’t even have it installed yet. My server is currently running off of a host. But i dont want to pay anymore and i have a 4 gb ram (cant remember cpu) spare windows 7 computer that i thought i might use. So i have questions, first of all, i have a namecheap domain, how can i use it? Second, can i run my server on my computer 24/7? Like is it safe? And will it work? And third, im wondering where i can find some good tutorials for mineos. Help would be highly appreciated.

Self hosting depends on what the spare computer is designed for, and if you want your server do go public.
I hosted my server on my old windows 7 laptop as well, and performance was bad.
It can also prone do data-loss when there is still a consumer HDD in there or the PSU might blow.
If you go public with the server, and even if you have protection with CloudFlare, it won’t help since CloudFlare only works with websites, so you might get DDoS’s.
You can connect your server with Namescheap, you must open the control panel, and scroll down to DNS settings. Here, you are going to create an A-Roll, pointing to your computers IP-adress. Now create a SRV record on a sub-domain. This has to look like this:
A: youripadress
_minecraft._tcp - SRV - 0 5 25565 yournamescheapdomain

Lastly, you need to port forward port 25565 in your router, and then you’re good to go.

You can install MineOS on any capable computer, however it is a linux debian based system. Many have installed Ubuntu and then manually installed MineOS on top. The website has a great walk-through for that.
I installed the distro that’s available on the site, but it is a stripped down Debian/Turnkey version, meaning there is no GUI and it’s command line only. The good part is it sets up just like an Internet appliance, and all interactions can be done via SSH or the Web-UI.
I have ran my server 24/7 for a few years before I only turn it on when I need. If you are using a consumer computer, then the hardware may not last as long. You can get older gen servers pretty cheap.
The security is pretty good, but there are other add on. packages that can make it more robust.
I use No-IP and get it paired with my router, and that has worked pretty good over the years.

Thanks for replying. Are there anyway i can protect ddos? And the pc is not a laptop, but i don’t know if that really matters. And also im sorry, but i got a little confused about the namecheap part, do i go on the control panel on mineos, or namecheap. And how do i port foward 25565? And also, do you think this is a good replacement for a payed host? Again, thanks for helping.

Thanks for responding, when you say you paired no-ip with the router, are you port fowarding? Do you recommend using no-ip instead of port fowarding?

Some routers like the Netgear brand will have an option to enter a dynamic DNS account. Netgear has No-IP as one of the built in DDNS sites. What that will do is, whenever your IP address changes with your service provider, it will update No-IP automatically.
I haven’t used NamesCheap before, but I would imagine it would be in the the site’s control panel or dashboard. Most of the time, forwarding ports is done at the router level. Port 25565 should be open by default if you used the MineOS distro.

In my opinion, these hosts use great hardware, and self hosting on dated hardware would probably cause for a worse experience for the players. If you are a monogamies Server you can set up bungeecord, but for that I recommend at least 16gb if ram. To protect yourself you need to buy a proxy from a host, and then just use that. Proxy’s are cheap tho. And make sure to use SSDs

Why should i use sd card instead of usb flashdrive?
And with the ram, it’s actually better for me since i can only afford about 2,5gb ram with a payed host. But do you recommend to also buy a server pc?

Hi there, You could join our discord. We are dedicated to help other users as much as we can.

SSD devices are less likely to corrupt data over time. SD and USB drives have so many read/write cycles that running a server on one will quickly expire the drive. Your setup should match your needs and budget. The more of each the better, obviously. I’ve used old laptops and my friends didn’t have any issues. Connection issues typically arise from the service provider.

So to answer your original question, yes you can run MineOS, yes you can use namecheap, and yes it is safe hardware and security wise IF you take the necessary steps to protect the rig. You should not have to spend any more money to do this than you already have.

Thanks, one last question, do you know any good tutorials for port fowarding with no-ip? btw i cant access my router but i hope thats not the case. Regards

There isn’t any external tutorials that I know of, but their website walks you through the process. I would recommend that you sort out the router, if you can. If not, I believe they may have a client app available, if memory serves me well.