I need help! My server wont start up!

Today I have decided that I will be using mineOS in a Debian machine instead of the old FreeNAS software. I have switched because I had hoped that things will be better with Debian, but I was wrong. When I finally finished setting up the web gui and the installation process of mineOS, I created a server like everyone would do. I am setting up the profiles, giving ram to my server, but when I actually click the start button it just shows that it starts up and then turns off. The gui want even showing the logging section, because it the server wasn’t starting up. It says an error message titled, “server down”. If you know something please help!

If your server is 1.15+ you should go into the Debian machine, log in as root then normal password and try ‘java -version’ if the version is jdk 11 you need to update your java runtime, look at the pastebin in the link i sent you it should explain it: Upgrading to Java 15 from the MineOS Turnkey ISO - #15 by dreammemek

Sounds silly but I got to start at the simplest place.

Have you accepted the EULA?

Hi! Thanks for you reply! I have tried the steps that user, “dreammemek” wrote down but I am still not sure how to do it. The problem is definitely the version of java that is installed on my machine. Could you maybe write down the exact steps on how to do it?

I cant except it, because the server wont load up.

Not sure if this is an option, but if your server is still brand new, the updated MineOS Turnkey ISO was updated yesterday and includes java16 by default.

If you’re interested in debugging what’s going on in your current install, which is fine, the best route would be to try to start the server manually. It could also be that you upgraded to Java15, and Java16 is necessary if you’re going 1.17.

# su - mc
$ cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/myservername
$ java -jar whichever.jar

One thing we don’t know though, is does any profile work? Have you tried more than one?

Thank for your help but it requires a newer version to start the server with Putty or by manually. Currently I am still researching how to update to the latest java on ssh Debian. I am still waiting for someone’s reply but if you know anything about how to update to the latest version on java on Debian (without desktop environment), free feel to help.

This may help.

Thank you so much. Its working now.