I installed the MineOS-Node what now[resolved] optimizing a modded server

i have been trying to get mineos to work for 3 orso day first with the old one and now with the node distro one. i need a step by step guide. the os works i think. i downloaded from my usb the server. i allowed acces by everyone. i downloaded java i think apt-get thing i dont know. i run it and it doesnt generate the files.

I got it working!!
I needed to read the steps a bit more careful and do less things on my own.

When is installed it iso to the hard-disk i didn’t realize that everything worked through browser (setting up the server and all). It’s more convenient that i imagined.

I’m now working on optimizing a modded server on it. Tips are appreciated!

Which mods are you going to try and run?
A lot of the info will be there on those sites.

everything is running smoothly atm. im just curious how to optimise the server more if needed.