I had problems starting a 1.13 server on FreeNAS, but i fixed it!


I just installed MineOS in my FreeNAS server, and i found out fast that i was not able to run the lastest version of minecraft (1.13)

Tried a few things in this forum but this is how i made it work:

pkg install wget
mkdir /var/games/minecraft/profiles/1.13
cd /var/games/minecraft/profiles/1.13/
wget -O minecraft_server.jar https://launcher.mojang.com/mc/game/1.13/server/d0caafb8438ebd206f99930cfaecfa6c9a13dca0/server.jar
cd /var/games/minecraft/servers/[MYSERVERNAME]/
wget -O minecraft_server.jar https://launcher.mojang.com/mc/game/1.13/server/d0caafb8438ebd206f99930cfaecfa6c9a13dca0/server.jar
pkg install openjdk8
edit /etc/fstab
Add this:
fdesc /dev/fd fdescfs rw 0 0
proc /proc procfs rw 0 0

Restart jail, and it should work.

Then just run the server again, and it works :slight_smile:
Hopefully this helps you guys.

didn’t work for me i put it in as plain text

What errors did you get?

i cant install openjdk8 it give me the following error:

Updating local repository catalogue…
pkg: Repository local load error: access repo file(/var/db/pkg/repo-local.sqlite) failed: No such file or directory
pkg: file:///usr/ports/packages/meta.txz: No such file or directory
repository local has no meta file, using default settings
pkg: file:///usr/ports/packages/packagesite.txz: No such file or directory
Unable to update repository local
Error updating repositories!

if you can fix this let me know as soon as possible

Best guess is you haven’t yet initialized the ports directory (/usr/ports).