I don't know how to install the wireless driver

Hi everyone!
I recently installed the mineos in my laptop and it works fine, but the big problem is that I don’t have installed the wireless driver. With ethernet cable works very good.
But I would like with wireless, I know with wireless is not very good.
What I need to install the driver?
My computer is a acer Aspire 6930
I installed mineos Debian GNU/Linux 7 core ttyl
please help
thank you

I would suggest buying a cheap router (as long as it supports the DD-WRT firmware) and setting it up as either a repeater bridge or a client bridge or buying a wireless bridge (connects via USB for power, and Ethernet for connectivity). Personally I prefer the router method, because you get better connection quality+speed and it is also alot easier to setup/configure and it doesn’t require additional software.