I can't start a spigot server

I did this https://www.omgserv.com/en/faq-vps/how_to_install_a_minecraft_server_with_mineos-111/ like 6 times and no one started when I put the .jar I want to load in the server doesn’t work this only happens with spigots jars. Can anyone help me because I think the problem are in the build tools or something

And also how can I put a new jar I want to put the jar 1-7/1.8 this allow to enter to the server with that versions

Do you have an logs?
Or a screenshot of the files availabler in you rserver directory?
What version of Spigot are you trying to compile?

What MineOS version are you running (or rather, as it seems, your host running? )

And Also:
This step:

Then click on “Build Spigot” for the version you want. You can follow the installation progression in the terminal bellow, you must wait it to end before doing anything on your MineOs Panel. This step can take a few minutes.

What did the terminal window print out? It takes quite a while for the compilation to finish.

I think I’m running v 1.1.7 I don’t know I look in the gitlab
I’m trying use the v 1.8 but I want to upload other jar.
The terminal load the files I show you with a screenshot.

You’re not able to run 1.8.1 since it fails it’s build.

Yes I know is because I’m using 1.8 that is what i want and i use but when i’m going to start I can’t start I can make you a video an you see

You can’t start the 1.8 because the compilation of the server jar fails. This means that the correct jar is not made, and not copied over to your server. the only jar that are being copied over is “buildtools.jar”, and that file is only used to compile the correct server jar.

You can try compiling it manually using ssh and shell by using the following command in your server directory (manual build can not be done in the MineOS webUI):
java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.8
See more here: https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/buildtools/

Okey but I only need to write that command in the ssh and done right? I don’t need wite other command or other things no? And one more thing if I want to put other jar for example spigot 1.7 I make the same?

I did that and when I enter the command put me this java -jar BuildTools.jar --rev 1.8
Error: Unable to access jarfile BuildTools.jar

Can we speak via Skype or something ow we can continue speaking here.

You of course have to choose the right jar in the WebUI then start the server, but no oterh comands should be nescesary.

USually you just select and compile the version you want, then press “copy to server” to transfer the fil eto the correct server. the method I gave you is merely a workaround to manually compile the correct jar when it fails.