I can't login to filezilla

hello all,

i can’t login to filezilla, when i fill in al the data and i pres connect, says filezilla “not connected with a server” i use as login data, Host: My ip adres, Username: root, Password : 10000% the right password and port: 22, does someone knew how i can fix this ?

Does the error say anything else than “not connected with a server”?
Are you sure its not “not connected to a server”

What OS and version are you using?
Did you enable the ssh daemeon on your server?
Did you enable it for root, or whatever user you are trying to ssh in with?

the exact notifications is “Not connected to any server”
and my OS version is “1.10.2”
ssh daemeon is turned on
the weird part is, i can connect with al the accounts i made but only not with the “root” user

OS version isnt going to be 1.10.2.
OS is your operating system version. ubuntu debian, mint, etc.

I assume you are stating 1.10.2 minecraft version.
You will have to do extra step to get root to be able to ssh into your server.
Its usually NOT turned on by default for security reasons.

You should be signing in as another user and then sudo or su (depending on your OS) to do root level changes.

root login, as said above, not allowed by default.

That said, root login is not necessary in most circumstances, as you should instead be using your non-root user to log into the webui as well as SFTP.